Strategic Planning

Your business is unique and always evolving, so should your public relations plan. We set you up to be successful by first understanding who you are and what your business goals are. During your development phase, we work with you to identify your target audience, key messages, appropriate platforms of communication, timeline, and goals.
Measured and Accountable
This plan is measured monthly to protect the integrity of your campaign. We also make changes as your company evolves. Your campaign will never become outdated or irrelevant. In addition, we help you fully understand the intricacies of public relations and how it differs from your marketing or advertising plans.
The ability to think and act strategically is the key that enables professionals to advance from tactical PR practitioners to sought-after strategic planners.
Earned media is essential to every PR program. Using data in our research and strategies means more measurable and effective influencer, thought leadership and content marketing strategies.
We develop a strategic PR plan by breaking into four main components- analysis, research, execution, and evaluation. We perform an analysis of all aspects of the PR situation which leads to identifying and establishing the communications objectives.